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"The women who come to my practice should feel special", says gynecologist Dr Tanja Eichenberger. She wants the visual identity of her medical practice to be friendly, professional and elegant.

/ Branding, Webdesign, Words, Photography

pocket calendar

Pro Infirmis is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities can participate in society on an equal footing. Self-determination and inclusion should be a topic also in the annual pocket calendar, which donors receive as a thank you.

/ Illustrations, Editorial Design


Annual reports are dry and statistical? Pfadfinderinnenstiftung Calancatal wants their annual report to make you long for the rough scenery of the mountains, the murmur of the Calancasca mountain stream and the clear air of the Graubünden mountain valley. And curious of the people in the Calanca Valley - the locals and the guests.

/ Editorial Design


Dragons, red and gold - that's precisely what the Chinese New Year Festival in Melbourne didn't want to look like. Rather, the colorful audience should become enchanted and celebrate the beginning of the year of the monkey with performances and a variety of food stalls. Can you spot the monkey?

/ Branding, Editorial Design

(Student Brief)

breathe cards

Breathe in and breathe out. We do it all the time, mostly without noticing. Respiratory therapist Ursa Wälti knows how powerful breathing is. Her breathe cards with simple but effective exercises serve as a reminder, can be taken anywhere or decorate the bedside table.​

/ Illustrations, Editorial Design


Learning through seeing. The self-study book 'English for Everyone', published by Dorling Kindersley, is a highly visual course that uses graphics and pictures to facilitate English learning. The illustrations are memorable and work globally.

/ Illustrations

personal projects

My profession is my passion and my passion is my profession. I have creative projects in mind all the time. Whenever I can, I bring them to life.​

Illustrations, all the fun stuff

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